About Us

Unistrut Midwest is the largest independent Unistrut distributor in the country, and we consistently hold the largest inventory of Unistrut construction products. But despite having Unistrut in our name, we offer products from other brands as well. As we move into the future, our goal is to meet all of the engineering needs of our clients, not just those that can be solved with Unistrut.

We know that your Unistrut system is just a fraction of what goes into a successful build. That’s why we have adopted rooftop products, access flooring, lockers, interlock grating, and more into our areas of expertise. Our aim is to be your one-stop-shop for design, engineering, sourcing, delivery, and installation of your entire system, regardless of your unique needs. In order to do this, our team at Unistrut Midwest is constantly educating ourselves on best practices and new products as we work to incorporate them into our offerings.

So don’t let the name fool you; Unistrut Midwest can source the parts you need beyond channel. From first sketches to final installation, our team will be with you every step of the way.

Who We Serve

Meet the Team

Company culture is not just what we say, but what we do every day. It's the actions that define who we are as a company. At Unistrut Midwest, employees are not just team members; they are ambassadors of a shared vision and purpose.

Our mission has not changed from 1975 to the present; “We strive to sell a quality product, with quality service.”

Unistrut Midwest History

Since the original owner joined what was then Unistrut Cincinnati in 1974, Unistrut Midwest has evolved from a family business into the nationwide leader of Unistrut systems and additional commercial support and construction products. What started as a single location in Cincinnati in the 1970s has grown with the acquisition of additional Unistrut locations across the midwest until finally opening a new location in Columbus, Ohio in 2016. The original Cincinnati location opened a new Fabrication division and additional warehouse location in 2020 in order to keep up with the continued demand for engineering, design, and fabrication of Unistrut systems. And with new leadership named in 2022, Unistrut Midwest has a roadmap for the future of the company, supporting our customers from idea to design to installation.

The Unistrut Midwest team is proudly made up of professionals with anywhere from five to 30 years of Unistrut experience. Unistrut Midwest has sales specialists who also have expertise in medical support systems, traffic sign supports, computer access floors, Sikla siFramo products, ErectAStep products, modular offices, wire mesh partitions, and lockers. We are leading distributors and installers for brands such as Tate Access Floors, Sikla, ErectAStep, and Food Grade Strut®.