Unistrut Midwest offers our customers a wide range of products, but we are more than just Unistrut channel suppliers. We offer installation services including Medical Equipment Supports, Unistrut Catwalks, Ceiling Grids and Roofwalks.

Unistrut Medical Equipment Supports

Unistrut Ceiling Grids

Unistrut Catwalks

Unistrut Roofwalks

Unistrut Crossovers

Tate Raised Access Floors

Modular In-Plant Offices

Wire Mesh Partitions

Unistrut Unique Applications

ErectAStep Modular Platforms and Crossovers

Choose Unistrut Midwest for Your Project

At Unistrut Midwest, you can be confident that you’ll get great service, high-quality products, and top-tier solutions, no matter how complicated your application may be. In addition to our superb customer service, some benefits you’ll receive when choosing Unistrut Midwest include:

Large Inventory

Fabrication Warehouse

American-made Products

Quick Response Time

Fast Shipping