Data Center Raised Access Flooring

Unistrut Midwest provides expert service in the specification, bidding, and installation of data center airflow management solutions. As a proud Tate Access Floor dealer and certified installation company, our team is expertly trained in analyzing the airflow of any new or existing data center and applying Tate products to improve energy efficiency and available capacity.

Tate Access Floor installations in Data Centers provide underfloor service distribution space, which keeps the room’s interior clean and neat for proper air migration through equipment.

The perfect data center environment requires the ability to handle a large number of data cables, the ability to efficiently handle high heat loads that are variable and diverse, and the ability to adapt for future technological and cooling advancements. Tate’s system addresses all of these needs in a highly adaptable space that provides the ability to respond quickly and easily to client, organizational and technological changes – all while being cost- effective in both construction and operation. With Tate’s raised flooring solutions, you’ll be able to address all of the demands of a data center while meeting the everyday needs of its users in a secure and reliable environment.

Advantages of Raised Access Flooring

Enhanced Cooling

Enhanced cooling capabilities and control with the ability to accommodate a range of cooling solutions while increasing efficiency and heat load capacities.

Easily incorporate redundant cooling with a single or multiple cooling strategies.

Flexibility to incorporate the most energy efficient design opportunities for cooling data centers.


Easily adapt to technological and client changes over the data center’s life-cycle at low cost.

Water Distribution

Offers the best overall solution for distributing water and other liquid cooling agents to row and rack based equipment.

Water distribution lines placed under a raised floor pose less threat in the event of water leaks or condensation due to system failure.

Provides the ability to separate water, power and cable.

Flexible Cabling

Ability to terminate cables wherever you need them with complete flexibility, accessibility, and unlimited capacity. Raised floors provide the platform for future scalability

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Reduced operating costs and lower facility and maintenance costs through accessible, flexible, and adaptable services.

Improved Organization

Underfloor service distribution space keeps the interior space clean and neat for proper air migration in-and-out of equipment.

Concore Access Floor System

The most common floor tile found in data centers. The Concore system panels are epoxy coated unitized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet filled with a highly controlled mixture of lightweight cement. The six standard load performance grades and an extensive selection of understructure supports and floor finishes, these panels are suitable for a wide range of data center applications.

Tate Airflow Panels

Tate offers a full line of directional and standard airflow panels to cater to all of your data center cooling needs. Our range of cost-effective and energy-efficient airflow panels offer compelling returns on investment and lower operating costs in both new build and retrofit applications.

Additional Perforated tiles can be found on Tate's site here

Tate DirectAire


The DirectAire tiles uses patent pending technology to angle the air toward the equipment achieving a 93% Capture Index. The welded steel grate design has an 68% open area and delivers 2,594 CFM at 0.10″ H20. The DirectAire has a 2,500 lb design load.

Tate DirectPerf 32%

DirectPerf 32%

The DirectPerf 32% is the future of standard perforated tiles. The 32% open area directs air towards to the server rack to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce bypass air. The DirectAire 32% offers nearly the same cooling capacity as standard 56% open area grate while using half of the airflow. The 32% open area delivers 1,121 CFM @.1″ H20

Containment Systems for Tate Airflow

Containing an entire row of air can improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing by-pass airflow.The separation of cold supply air from hot exhaust air is one of the most popular strategies in data center design. Tate’s ContainAire product line is the optimum aisle containment solution. Easy to install and modify, our products offer valuable energy saving opportunities. Optimize your data center facility today by installing ContainAire.

Tate ContainAire roof and door system

Data Center Raised Access Flooring Photo Gallery

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