Sikla siFramo Multi Trade Rack Solutions

As construction demands grow and timelines shorten, contractors need to think outside the box to deliver on schedule. Prefabricated Multi Trade Rack (MTR) builds allow you to begin construction of key mechanical components offsite and install them onsite in a matter of hours. The configurable nature of Sikla siFramo is ideal for MTR prefabrication.

The productivity output of prefabricated MTR builds is incredibly high when compared to traditional onsite construction. Our team can build Sikla siFramo racks to your specs in our warehouse in half a day, then fit those racks with your electrical, HVAC, and/or plumbing. The MTR is then delivered to your site, lifted into place, and connected to the necessary equipment.

Sikla’s speed to market only improves when leveraged in prefabrication with Unistrut Midwest. Our team will complete assembly work off-site in parallel to primary structure construction, giving your project shorter construction durations and faster installation times.

Sikla siFramo Multi Trade Rack Benefits and Applications

Speed to Market

Prefabricated Sikla siFramo MTRs are assembled quickly with as much work as possible done offsite, meaning limited downtime to your operations and limited loss in production.

Sikla siFramo’s High Torsional Resistance

Sikla siFramo’s high torsional resistance paired with proper deflection engineering means that even large MTRs can be transported to your site and lifted into place without needing to be adjusted once the MTR is in place.

Workability and Ease of Use

Once delivered, your Sikla siFramo will require minimal time and often only hand tools to install in place. When compared to traditional options like welding frames, your team will spend considerably less time installing a prefabricated MTR, a crucial consideration for an industry facing labor shortages.

Prefabricated MTR Applications

  • Lifting solutions
  • 2D corridor or riser racks
  • Flat pipe racks
  • Volumetric corridor or riser racks
  • Structural multi-trade racks

Sikla siFramo Multi Trade Rack Project Photo Gallery

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