Catwalks & Catwalk Systems

In many industries, catwalks are necessary for depositing, transporting, or removing goods, inventory, and machines from areas that are inaccessible from floor level. Companies depend on a reliable team of engineers to create safe and flexible catwalks to optimize their space and promote safety for their employees.

Catwalks come in a variety of sizes and heights, making them ideal pieces of equipment for any facility or environment. They are often implemented to optimize space since they allow for access to spaces that are higher up. Overall, catwalks are a cost-effective way to promote safety by eliminating the use of ladders or stools. For this reason, Unistrut Midwest became a reliable manufacturer of industrial catwalks and catwalk systems.

Choose Unistrut Midwest for your design and engineering, pre-fabrication or installation on any Catwalk Project.

An Overview on Unistrut Catwalk Systems

Unistrut catwalk systems, designed and installed by Unistrut Midwest, offer a cost-efficient solution for the conversion of unusable interstitial space into an efficient overhead maintenance catwalk walkway space.

Our design and engineering teams have been utilizing Unistrut metal framing and United Interlock Grating to build modular catwalk systems that are strong, lightweight, economical, and versatile. Additionally, our OSHA catwalks are built to comply to standards that promote the safety of all users.

Advantages of Choosing Unistrut as Your Industrial Catwalk Manufacturer

The Unistrut catwalk system is unique from typical structural steel walkways in that Unistrut catwalks are designed with all bolted connections that eliminate the need for welding on almost all projects. The bolted connections allow the system to be modified, expanded, or altered to adapt to future requirements.


The modular nature of Unistrut components allows our catwalks to be prefabricated in our warehouse to save time and on-site labor. Prefabrication also lets us safely construct the catwalk components on the ground and minimizes the amount of overhead work needed on a project, greatly reducing the hazards associated with working overhead.

Lightweight, High-Performance

Unistrut uses lightweight pre-galvanized or aluminum plank grating and Unistrut metal framing supports which reduces the overall dead load on the primary steel when compared to conventional structural steel systems.

Anti-Skid Protection

Unistrut plank grating features a surface that provides 360 degrees of slip resistance on all Unistrut catwalks.

Weld-Free Designs

Unistrut industrial catwalks use only bolted connections. From the beam clamps to the grating clips, all of the Unistrut catwalk connections use bolted hardware in lieu of welding. Many walkways are installed in existing facilities where welding is not feasible or allowed, which makes the Unistrut system ideal for these applications.

OSHA-Approved Walkways

Unistrut systems are designed with the latest OSHA walkway guidelines as our minimum standard. Unistrut includes a handrail and kick plate on all of our catwalk systems. Discover how our OSHA catwalks can promote safety and defer injuries in your facility.

Catwalk Project Photo Gallery

View some of Unistrut Midwest’s favorite catwalk projects in the photo gallery below. Contact us for information on any of the projects in the galleries!

Make Unistrut Midwest Your Catwalk Manufacturer

If you are looking for a reliable OSHA catwalk manufacturer, Unistrut Midwest is equipped with knowledge and expertise. Our products are reliable for safety compliance and versatile enough to change with your facility.

We are excited to see how we can serve as your catwalk manufacturer!