Unistrut Ceiling Grids

Our Unistrut ceiling grid system has been utilized by architects and engineers for years in projects like data centers, manufacturing plants, universities, casinos, and many more. A Unistrut ceiling grid allows you to create a flexible support system that can convert an otherwise unusable interstitial space into a universal support system.

Unistrut midwest ceiling grid installation

Unistrut grids are often used to support electrical and mechanical services, acoustical ceilings, catwalks, decorative panels, cable/fiber tray, theatrical lighting, medical equipment, air tools, and many other applications. Get in touch with your Unistrut professional today for more information!

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Benefits of a Unistrut Structural Ceiling Grid


Unistrut metal framing is available in a wide range of profiles from the 1-5/8” x 1-5/8” P1000 to the 1-5/8” x 6-1/2” P5001. This variety allows Unistrut to design a ceiling grid around your specifications in grid size, pattern, spacing, and design load. The Unistrut structural ceiling grid can be designed to handle loading requirements ranging from 2 lbs. per square foot to 100 lbs. per square foot. Contact the Unistrut design team for more information and recommendations on your project today!


Since the structural grids are designed using Unistrut metal framing products, you get all the advantages of the Unistrut system. Unistrut ceiling grids are all bolted, and require no welding. Unistrut channels have a continuous slot that allows for a connection at any point along the channel.

This feature allows for Unistrut to create a grid of any size. Unistrut offers fittings and beam clamps that allow the connection of the Unistrut ceiling grid to work with nearly any structure. Unistrut ceiling grids allow the end user to easily move or add Unistrut members to the system for future requirements.


Our ceiling grid can be found in commercial, industrial, or retail applications which all have their own unique requirements. If your retail project requires a ceiling grid system that will aesthetically match the existing conditions, we can offer a special powder coat finish unique to your project. If the commercial project is found in a warehouse that only allows connections every 10’, we can design a system to meet those needs.

If your industrial project needs to support an additional 20 lbs. per square foot in a service gallery, Unistrut can design that section to support the additional weight. Unistrut Midwest has the resources to develop a solution for your project, such as using our ceiling grid to convert your system into a supported space.

Fast Installation Times

Unistrut components used to make our Unistrut ceiling grid system are often very repeatable and are able to be prefabricated and shipped to the job site assembled. The repeating elements include items such as threaded rod drops, fittings, or sections of Unistrut channel. If the ceiling grid is a single plane design, Unistrut will ship the intermediate members cut to length and deburred. Prefabricating these components will reduce the number of on-site manhours and allow significant improvements to the installation times.

Ceiling Grid Project Photo Gallery

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