Unistrut Crossovers and Access Platforms

Service and maintenance on machinery, HVAC equipment, and conveyor crossovers are a necessity in any facility, but accessing that equipment can pose a challenge. Crossover stairs and conveyor crossover platforms provide a direct, safe access route over conveyors, piping, and ductwork so that service professionals can reach that equipment. The Unistrut Midwest team has experience in the most complicated access equipment applications and has developed several solutions to the access issues found in today’s commercial and industrial facilities.

Unistrut Unipier Crossover Installed

Unistrut crossovers and work platforms are customizable to adapt to any field condition, and the Unistrut Midwest team designs solutions with your operations in mind. With the largest on-hand inventory in North America, we have the products you need. Whether you are looking for engineering, fabrication, installation assistance, Unistrut design assistance, or delivery, we are ready to help you complete your work platform project in a timely manner.

Why Unistrut Midwest for Access Platforms?

Designed with OSHA Standards in Mind

Providing maintenance and service personnel with a proper, ergonomically friendly work surface is a key component to running a safe facility. Unistrut Midwest is experienced in designing and installing OSHA-approved work surfaces.

Multiple Anchoring and Installation Options

Unistrut access platforms can be designed to anchor to factory floors, cantilever off of existing steel, or be placed on non-penetrating roof platforms with rubber bases. The flexibility of Unistrut materials allows our team to custom design a solution to meet your project’s exact requirements.

Safety Comes Standard

Unistrut access platforms are made with Unistrut interlock grating, which comes with anti-skid perforations to provide the user with a safe, slip-resistant walking surface. Unistrut access platforms also come standard with a handrail and kick plate.

Customizations to Meet Your Requirements

Not only can Unistrut access platforms be customized to meet almost any field condition, size, or height, but they are also available in a wide range of finishes, including galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or our corrosion-resistant Unistrut Defender.

Rooftop Applications

  • Conveyor crossovers for piping, ducts, or cable trays
  • Stairs and platforms to exit mechanical penthouses
  • Mechanical equipment platforms
  • Crossovers to allow access from one roof level to the next

In-Plant Applications

  • Conveyor crossovers for electrical conduits, cable trays, ductwork, or piping
  • Access platforms for CNC machinery
  • Elevated platforms for OEM equipment
  • Light duty storage mezzanines

Crossover and Access Platform Photo Gallery

View some of Unistrut Midwest’s favorite crossover and access platform projects in the photo gallery below.

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