Crossovers Pre-Fabrication and Installation Services

Unistrut Midwest specializes in pre-fabrication of Unistrut Crossover Systems. In order to reduce the hazards of on site work and total man hours on a project, Unistrut will fully assemble these crossover systems in a warehouse setting and deliver them to the job site ready to go. We offer both full assembly and partial assembly to match the projects requirements.

Unistrut Crossover Prefabrication and install

If there are no access restrictions and lift equipment is available, Unistrut will fully fabricate your crossover or stair system. It will show up on a flatbed truck ready to be set in place at your facility. If there are site specific restrictions, like needing to fit on an elevator or through a man door or no lift equipment, Unistrut will fully assemble the crossover in our warehouse then break it down into manageable sized components. We will tag all of the parts for re-assembly and leave the fittings in place to make assembly as easy as possible. We also will install on site if needed.

Benefits of Pre-Fabricated Crossovers

  • Pre-Assembled - Unistrut Systems will arrive fully assembled for a crane or lift to set the units in place with no further installation required
  • Tailored Pre-Fabrication - If Crane Access or Lift Equipment Access is limited, Unistrut will partially assemble our systems based on the access available on site
  • Field Adjustable - Crossovers are field adjustable with just simple hand tools
  • Quick Turnaround - Unistrut systems can be built in 1-2 days which is much faster than welded steel structures
  • Multiple Finish Options - Several material finishes options are available to reduce the system’s weight or increase the corrosion resistance

Unistrut Pre-Fabricated Crossover and Stairs Project Gallery

View some of Unistrut Midwest’s favorite catwalk projects in the photo gallery below. Contact us for information on any of the projects in the galleries!

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