Roofwalk Engineering Assistance

Unistrut Midwest has been designing and engineering Unistrut Roofwalk Systems for over 70 years. If you have an upcoming project that might require a maintenance or access roofwalk, please allow our design professionals to recommend the right system for your project. Our design team will offer assistance free of charge on any size roofwalk project. If your project requires stamped engineered drawings or structural calculations, we offer those services as well for a minimal fee.

Roofwalk Design Required Information

We realize that projects could be at any stage of development, but in order to make the best recommendation or quote possible, we will ask for the following information. If you are missing any of the information, please contact our design team and we can work through your project together.

Desired Layout of the Roofwalk System

The more detailed the better but we can work with CAD drawings or a hand sketch to make a proper recommendation. Dimensions and the orientation of the walkway to standing seams are important to note, if available.

Type of Roof

Is this walkway going on a Built-up/Membrane roof or standing seam metal roof? If the roof is a standing seam metal roof, please let us know the roof manufacturer, spacing on the ribs, and pitch of the roof.


Would you like your walkway to run flat with the pitch of the roof or be built level on a pitched roof? Do you need the walkway to be built off the roof at a specific elevation?

Width of the Walkway System Desired

Unistrut can design a system to meet almost any desired width or make recommendations from past projects on the width of the walkway.

Handrail Requirements of the Walkway

Would you like handrail on both sides of the walkway, one side of the walkway, No Handrail, or a combination of all three? Let Unistrut know where you would like handrail or kick plate on the walkway.

Desired Finish of the Roofwalk

Unistrut Roofwalks come standard in Electro-Galvanized Finish. However, if you have a more harsh environment Unistrut Roofwalks are available in Unistrut Defender (Corrosion Resistant finish), Hot-Dipped Galvanized, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel. We also offer custom powder coating if required.

Pre-Fabrication Required?

Would you like the system to be quoted with pre-fabrication? Unistrut Midwest will typically pre-fabricate the Grating Supports, Handrail Supports, or Stairs on Roofwalk projects. Ask us if that is possible on your project.

Special Requirements of the Project?

Please let us know if there are any special requirements outside of the other questions.

Unistrut Roofwalk engineering drawing

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