Unistrut Modular Supports

Unistrut UMS Boom Supports are Modular Medical Equipment Supports designed for modern surgical lights, anesthesia booms, and other ceiling hung equipment with high moment loads. By working with Unistrut Midwest for your modular support solution, you partner with a full, turnkey service center. We can supply the UMS Booms, design your solution, provide P/E stamped drawings, prefabricate booms, or install the complete structure. Contact our sales group today to discuss UMS Booms and your project.

Unistrut Medical Modular Support

The Unistrut UMS Support System provides an all-bolted solution to traditional welded medical equipment supports, allowing for field modifications that are quick, inexpensive, and require no hot works permits. UMS Booms are the ideal support structure for heavy medical equipment or supports with a high moment load. Unistrut UMS Supports are ideal for OR Lights, Anesthesia Booms, Surgical Booms, Exam Lights, ICU Patient Lift Booms, and other ceiling hung equipment. The systems can be adjusted for different vendors which should make the UMS Boom reusable in the event new equipment is brought into the OR Room.

Unistrut UMS Booms can work in almost any hospital setting in new or renovation projects. Unistrut UMS Foot Plates are designed to connect to concrete deck or steel beams. Some projects will require a secondary layer of structural steel but Unistrut Midwest’s engineering team will be able to recommend the correct solution for your medical support system.

Medical equipment brands Unistrut Midwest has supported

Unistrut UMS Boom Supports for Steris
Unistrut UMS Boom Supports for Stryker
Unistrut UMS Boom Supports for Berchtold
Unistrut UMS Boom Supports for Getinge

UMS Support Benefits

High Moment Load

UMS Booms can handle moment loads of up to 20,000 lbs

Faster Lead Times

UMS Booms are constructed from stock components for faster lead times than other modular solutions or welded structures.

Cut to Fit Capability

The standard UMS booms are stocked in 3’ or 6’ long sections and can be field cut to fit most standard applications.

Smaller Footprint

Much smaller than traditional welded steel booms. No external kickers allow a UMS to occupy a 30”x30” footprint or smaller.

Light Weight

Much lighter relative to welded structures. The standard UMS Boom weighs less than 200 lbs.

Easy Field Modifications

All connections in the UMS System are bolted which allows for modifications in the field using only hand tools.

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