Unistrut X-Ray Equipment Supports

Unistrut Support Structures are the ideal product for supporting overhead X-Ray or Cath Lab Equipment. Whether you are looking for a simple 3-Rail system or a more complex universal grid, Unistrut Midwest has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the correct support for your project.

Unistrut Midwest will be glad to assist you on any X-Ray project you might have. Unistrut's all-bolted medical equipment support structures can be designed to support anything from a 3-Rail GE System to 11-Rail Cath Lab Systems.

Unistrut X-Ray Support Systems typically are specified “delegated design” to the contractor who will be installing the support structure. Unistrut Midwest has experience working within these parameters and can assist at any point in a project.

Don’t fall victim to specifying a support that is over designed and overpriced, we have the experience to provide a proper design to meet your project and equipment requirements.

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General Engineering Catalog

Learn about every aspect of Unistrut’s unique weldless connection metal framing system in our General Engineering Catalog.

Unistrut Application Showcase

Unistrut can design and install the support system needed to meet your requirements, from basic X-ray machines to large integrated systems. Find out more in our Application Showcase.

Technical Details and Load Ratings for Unistrut

For product catalogs, technical details, and design, bearing, and tension loads, please visit our reference library.

General Contractors or Hospital Representatives

Unistrut Midwest offers turn-key support on all Unistrut Medical applications. We’re happy to provide material, drawings/engineering, or installation on any project.

Unistrut has worked with most major vendors including GE Medical, Siemens, Phillips, Toshiba, and many more!

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