Design Assistance

Unistrut Midwest is proud to offer no-cost design support on any Unistrut project. Whether you are looking for a typical detail on a rooftop pipe support stand or want to know which trolley is best for your festoon system, Unistrut Midwest is here to help you find the appropriate solution to your application. Our sales team has decades of experience working with Unistrut products and would be glad to assist with your project.

Our team is here to help you find the appropriate solution to your application - from blueprints to material breakdowns. If your project requires stamped engineered drawings or structural calculations, we offer those services as well for a minimal fee.

Common Design Questions

For any design project, our team will need information like the following.

Type of Equipment

We will use this to determine the support structure, design load, and type of connections needed.

Structural Details

What will this system be supported from? Structural drawings are ideal, but a description works just fine. If the system will be supported from steel work, please indicate the spacing and orientation of the steel beams.


What is the finished ceiling height? What is the finished floor-to-deck height? What are the elevations of the primary structure?

Desired Layout

We can work with CAD drawings or even a hand sketch.

Load Requirements

If you have a pounds per square foot load requirement, we can design a system to meet that requirement. We can also make recommendations on design load.

Special Considerations

Does your project have any unique considerations that might influence the design?

Unistrut Midwest Design Services Gallery

View some of Unistrut Midwest’s recent design projects in the photo gallery below. Contact us for information on any of the projects in the galleries!

Learn More About Our Design Assistance

Please give us a call or reach out with your questions.