ErectAStep Components

The ErectAStep catalog of modular platforms and stairs make safety simple by offering a universal solution to access needs with only five standard components.

ErectAStep Component Parts

1. ErectAStep Platforms

ErectAStep’s universal 3’x3′ platform design is infinitely expandable through common bolt hole patterns found on each side of the platform. Attaching platforms, stairs, or ladders is accomplished with only a ratchet and wrench. Platforms feature a stamped, slip resistant surface which provides solid traction. The standard design load is 50 psf.

ErectAStep Platform Component

2. ErectAStep Safety Handrails

ErectAStep’s Safety handrails come in one standard size and share a bolt hole pattern with the Universal Platform, allowing the handrails to attach to any side of the platform. Constructed of round pipe with an outer diameter of slightly less than 2″ and powder coated ANSI safety yellow, these handrails are robust in strength as well as appearance. Design Load is 200 lbs in any direction.

ErectAStep Safety Handrail Component

3. ErectAStep Safety Stairs

ErectAStep prefabricated industrial stairs come in 9″ vertical increments with 26″ of walk surface and slip resistant treads. The stairs are available from 1-Step to 11-Step as in stock standards. (Additional sizes available through PerfectAStep) To meet OSHA regulations, handrails are painted ANSI Safety Yellow. Stairs bolt to any side of the Universal Platform, allowing for easy customization. Stair units are shipped broken down for low shipping costs and are easily assembled. Please request any additional specs or dimensions on the Safety Stairs!

ErectAStep Safety Stair Component

4. ErectAStep Tower Supports

ErectAStep support towers use an anchor bolt hole design that match up with the bolt hole pattern on the bottom of the Universal Platform, allowing for three bolt-up scenarios:

  1. A single tower bolting to a single platform.
  2. Bolting two platforms on either side of a support tower.
  3. Bolting support towers on multiple sides of the same platform. Support towers are necessary when using more than three platforms in a row. Each leg must be supported to grade adequately.
ErectAStep Tower Support Component

5. ErectAStep Ladder Units

ErectAStep Safety ladders are available in 11 sizes, from 1 to 11 steps and bolt to the bottom of any ErectAStep Universal Platform with no supplemental parts or engineering. Each ladder also functions as a support tower.

ErectAStep Ladder Unit Component

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