ErectAStep Modular Crossovers and Access Platforms

ErectAStep offers the highest quality modular platform and stair systems on the market today. The ErectAStep system is all aluminum and utilizes only five components to build a virtually limitless number of configurations of crossovers and platforms. As a Master Distributor of ErectAStep modular platforms and stairs, the Unistrut Midwest team can help design the configuration you need to match your requirements, source your off-the-shelf engineered system, and ship your components directly from our warehouse.

ErectAStep’s five standard components are pre-engineered and easily assembled to meet your custom needs. Straightforward installation and the ability to reuse units in different configurations bring your cost of engineering, installation, and ownership down when compared to traditional welded structures. All ErectAStep components are made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum and are OSHA-approved to increase safety for your team.

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Site Visit and Planning Assistance

As an ErectAStep distributor, Unistrut Midwest offers site visits to assist in determining your crossover or platform requirements. Unistrut will provide you with detailed configuration drawings which will let you know exact clearances and locations of supports. We also can provide installation services on all ErectAStep projects.

Cross Over Stairs

ErectAStep quickly configures to gain safe access over pipes, ducts, or other obstructions. Three platforms can be bolted together in a series without tower supports, providing up to nine feet of linear clearance. If additional clearance is needed, more platforms can be bolted together with a tower support at every third platform.

ErectAStep crossover stairs

ErectAStep work platforms

Work Platforms

ErectAStep work platforms replace wobbly ladders or work stands with an OSHA-approved, safe work platform. These platforms will allow workers to safely work at an ergonomically-friendly height.

Conveyor Line Platforms

ErectAStep Crossovers and Platforms are ideal for creating a safe means of access over conveyor or assembly lines. These configurations allow direct access to work areas and help identify clear travel paths in a plant.

ErectAStep Conveyor Line Platforms

Conveyor Access Platforms

Access Platforms

ErectAStep Access Platforms allow specific access to components that are accessed frequently, such as valves or filters.

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