Medical Equipment Support Systems

Unistrut Midwest has been involved in the engineering, design, and installation of medical equipment supports for over seven decades. Our proven systems support X-ray equipment, surgical lighting, service columns, CT injectors, as well as other specialized medical equipment in healthcare facilities worldwide. Unistrut metal framing is universally recognized as the preferred material for architects and general contractors when designing or installing medical equipment support systems.

medical equipment support

Unistrut medical support systems are designed to be infinitely adjustable and adaptable to most field conditions seen in hospital environments. By utilizing Unistrut’s multiple channel profiles and fittings, we are able to develop a solution to meet a virtually limitless number of medical applications. Unlike other medical equipment support materials, our system features components designed specifically to meet the performance demands of the most advanced medical equipment. Trust the professionals at Unistrut Midwest with your next project!

Unistrut Medical Support Applications


  • Service column supports
  • Microscope supports
  • Gas column supports
  • Injector system supports
  • Lead shielding supports
  • Vibration isolation supports
  • Physical therapy supports
  • Patient lift system supports


Typical Unistrut Medical Supports

  • Boom Supports
  • Universal Grid Supports
  • Hybrid OR Supports
  • Service Column Supports
  • Microscope Supports
  • Laser Supports
  • Exam Light Supports
  • Med-Gas Column Supports


  • Patient Lift Supports
  • Bariatric Lift Supports
  • Lead (R/F) Shielding Supports
  • Physical Therapy Supports
  • Swing Supports
  • Fluoroscopy Supports
  • Radiology Supports
  • Unistrut Multi-Trade Racks


Advantages of Unistrut Metal Framing for Medical Equipment Supports

Medical equipment supports designed with Unistrut have many advantages over traditional welded steel structures. Some of these benefits include:

Infinite Adjustability

Unistrut medical support systems allow both basic and micro-adjustments, so installations can be quickly and easily adapted to specific site conditions. This allows us the flexibility to design a support for almost any system, as well as the ability to adjust the supports for the inevitable conflicts that occur during construction.


During installation, built-in adjustment capabilities allow the system to be fine-tuned to precisely match site conditions. With its inherent strength and versatility, the Unistrut medical support system adapts to a wide range of environments and design parameters.

Bolted Connections

The mechanical channel nut and bolt connection of the Unistrut system means the system can be easily altered in the event of renovation or the addition of new equipment. This allows the end-user flexibility to re-use existing medical equipment support for future equipment.

No Welding

Our slotted channel framing supports require no welded steel connections. This allows us to save the end-user time by eliminating the need for hot work permits, causes no smoke or odor, and allows for faster installation times. The Unistrut systems are also able to be modified in the field in the event the owner changes equipment or the room layout.

Fast and Cost Efficient

Unistrut medical supports often utilize prefabricated components which reduce on-site man-hours and installation times. Unistrut Midwest specializes in fast-paced or off-hours projects that have demanding schedules. Our crews are able to install Unistrut support systems much faster than traditional welded steel structures.

X-Ray Equipment Supports

CT Injector and Monitor Equipment Supports

Unistrut Support Systems are ideal for lightweight CT Injectors, Television Monitors, or Exam Lights. Click here for more information and typical details on these systems.

Medical Equipment Support Design and Installation Services

Surgical Light and Boom Supports

Additional Typical Unistrut Supports

Unistrut Metal Framing is also commonly used to support Patient Lifts, Lasers, Hybrid OR Rooms, Surgical Microscopes, R/F Shielding, Physical Therapy Swings, and more! Click here for alternative applications for medical supports.

Unistrut Modular Supports

Learn More About Our Unistrut Medical Supports

Are you searching for medical equipment supports? Unistrut Midwest is here to help complete your project in a timely manner, reducing downtime. With true expertise and products that deliver, Unistrut Midwest will provide the solutions needed for your applications.