CT Injector and Monitor Support Systems

CT Injectors, Monitors, and Televisions are low weight items often found throughout the hospital that require structural supports, but are often forgotten about until late into the design/construction process. Unistrut Equipment supports are an ideal solution for these products since we have standard designs, use off the shelf products, and can easily work around the existing MEP Services in the interstitial space.

Unistrut CT Injector support schematic

Our low cost, high strength Unistrut Metal Framing offers a flexible support system that can adapt to most existing conditions. Unistrut Midwest can provide you with a proper design, materials, and installation in a short period of time to keep your project on schedule.

Unistrut Midwest has supported major brands including:

Unistrut CT Injector Supports for MedRad
Unistrut CT Injector Supports for Bracco

CT Injector and TV Monitor Design Support

Unistrut Midwest has typical details and specifications available for download at the link below. If you would like a specific recommendation for your project, please contact us. We will request the following information to provide an accurate recommendation:

Type of Equipment

We will use this to determine the design load and type of connection needed.

Structural Details

What will this system be supported from? If the system will be supported from steel work, please indicate the spacing and orientation of the steel beams.


What is the finished ceiling height? What is the finished floor to deck height?

Special Considerations

Does your project have any unique considerations that might influence the design?

CT Injector and Monitor Support Photo Gallery

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