Additional Typical Medical Equipment Supports

Aside from the most common X-Ray, Cath Lab, CT Injector, Exam/Surgical Light Supports, Unistrut is commonly used for many other applications on medical projects. Please see our typical application list below and view the photo gallery for more ideas. If you don’t see an exact match please contact Unistrut on any potential project, we will be happy to have our team review the project and let you know if Unistrut is the right solution for you.

Typical Unistrut Medical Supports

  • Boom Supports
  • Universal Grid Supports
  • Hybrid OR Supports
  • Service Column Supports
  • Microscope Supports
  • Laser Supports
  • Exam Light Supports
  • Med-Gas Column Supports


  • Patient Lift Supports
  • Bariatric Lift Supports
  • Lead (R/F) Shielding Supports
  • Physical Therapy Supports
  • Swing Supports
  • Fluoroscopy Supports
  • Radiology Supports


Medical Support Project Photo Gallery

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