Surgical Light and Surgical Boom Support Systems

Modern surgical light systems have become more complex and the loading requirements are now greater than ever. With growing dead loads and increasingly large moments, it is important to make sure the Surgical Lights, Monitors, and Med/Gas Columns are properly supported. Unistrut Midwest has been installing these systems for over 70 years, so we know when a Unistrut support will handle the equipment or when a system will require a welded steel structure. Let Unistrut help you figure out the correct and most cost effective system for your project.

Surgical Light Installed, Supported by Unistrut Framing

Unistrut Midwest has worked with most major Light and Boom manufacturers on providing designs that meet the stringent requirements of modern surgical lights. Allow us to help design your supports and make sure that you are specifying the proper support structure for your equipment.

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Surgical Light Supports

Surgical Lights often require a “medium duty” Unistrut Support System utilizing standard Unistrut Channels, Fittings, and Beam Clamps. Exam Lights will require a “light duty” Unistrut supports utilizing the smaller Unistrut profiles but similar fittings and hardware.

The Unistrut channel profiles need to be determined on a case by case basis. In order to make a proper recommendation for your project Unistrut requires the following information (Don’t worry if all the information is not available, we can help fill in the missing information with ranged parameters)

Light Support Design Assistance Checklist

  1. Make and Model of the Light/Boom
    We will use this to determine the design load and moment of the system. The model will also provide the connection requirements of the support plates to the support structure.

  2. Structural Details
    What will this system be supported from? If the system will be supported from steel work, please indicate the spacing and orientation of the steel beams.

  3. Elevations
    What is the finished ceiling height? What is the finished floor to deck height?

  4. Special Considerations
    Does your project have any unique considerations that might influence the design?
unistrut surgical light support engineering drawing

Surgical Boom Supports

Surgical Booms require the heaviest duty medical supports. The equipment commonly supported by this category support would be anesthesia booms, surgical booms, heavy duty surgical lights, dual arm monitor supports, med-gas columns, and more. Due to increasingly high loads and moments, the surgical boom supports will typically require more a substantial support than Unistrut Metal Framing can provide. For these cases we provide Sikla Framo 80 or Welded Steel Supports.

The Sikla Framo 80 Medical Support combines the flexibility of the Unistrut Support system with the design capacity of structural steel. The Sikla system uses a cold formed bolted connection for all joints which allows incremental field adjustments. Sikla is available in multiple beam profiles which enable Unistrut to design a support to handle the highest loads and moments seen in a hospital setting.

Surgical Light Support Project Photo Gallery

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