Telescopic Square Sign Posts

The Telespar signpost system consists of square, perforated, welded steel tubing, in eight sizes and three gauges. Perforations or knockouts on all four sides allow you to mount signs on all four sides, back-to-back, and on adjacent sides.

Telescoping Square Sign Posts

The unique manufacturing method used to produce Telespar sign post tubing permits tubular sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size making adjustment, reinforcement, and splicing fast and easy. Telespar tubing’s square shape also provides superior wind load capabilities and torsional stability.

Telespar signpost tubing is complemented by a variety of compatible fittings, accessories, nuts and bolts, and simple installation tools, creating an engineered system of integrated parts.

Telespar Signpost Features

  • Easy, safe installation by hand or power
  • Convenient sign mounting before installation
  • Superior torsional strength
  • Versatile, four-sided sign mounting at any height


  • Fast, economical replacement of damaged signposts
  • Reusable materials
  • FHWA approved yielding capability


Square Posts vs U-Channel Signposts

If you think square posts cost more than U-Channel, then you’d better look again.

Cut Down on Installation Time

Typical square signpost installations require 1/2 the materials of U-Channel posts. which reduces the installation time in half and can save a good deal of money on labor costs.

Reduce Materials

Because Telespar is square, signs may be attached to all four sides without the need for mounting brackets, further reducing cost of materials.

Greater Torsional Stability

Telespar exhibits greatly improved sign stability when compared to U-Channel. This stability eliminates post damage due to flutter, saving replacement time and money.

Fewer Signposts….Fewer obstacles

Because multi-sign, single-post installations greatly reduce the number of signposts needed, damage done by vehicle impact is reduced.

Safer Installation

All procedures in a Telespar installation are done at ground level (No more ladders or Hi-Lifts Needed). Telespar can be safely and easily erected by a single worker.

Telescoping Tube for Easy Assembly

Telestrut and Telespar telescoping tubing offer efficient assembly with no welding, drilling, or other time-consuming fabrication, plus five different fastening options, including a rivet system for super-fast boltless assembly. Other fasteners include the Unistrut spring nut and bolt, standard through-bolts, and for temporary connections, a removable, self-locking gravity pin. A complete line of over 200 Unistrut fittings and components is part of what gives the Unistrut telescoping strut system its design and fabrication versatility. Telescoping tubing is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Material Racks
  • Shelving
  • Mezzanines
  • Laboratory Furniture
  • Equipment Mounts
  • Machine Stands
  • Conveyor Supports
  • Electrical Supports
  • Overhead Grids
Telescopic Sign Posts

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