Telespar Concrete Sign Bases

When you can’t support your signpost by driving an anchor into the ground, turn to Telespar Concrete Sign Bases. These solid concrete, pyramid-shaped signpost bases have an attached steel signpost holder, making installation in either temporary or permanent locations easy. Unistrut Midwest carries Telespar and Telestrut components and can help find the right signpost support solution for your application.

Unistrut Telespar Concrete Sign Bases

Telespar Concrete Sign Bases + Telespar Telescopic Signposts

When you work with Unistrut Midwest, you have access to the full range of not only Telespar Concrete Sign Bases, but corresponding Telespar Signposts as well.

Telespar Signposts are square tubes that allow sign mounting on all four sides. Telespar telescopic tubing features efficient assembly with no welding or drilling needed, and Telespar exhibits improved sign stability when compared to U-Channel. A complete line of over 200 Unistrut fittings and components is part of what gives the Telespar telescoping strut system its design and fabrication versatility.

Using Telespar Concrete Sign Bases

Telespar Concrete Sign Base Applications

Telespar Concrete Sign Bases are perfect for both temporary and permanent sign placement. Bases are durable enough to support your sign long-term, but the lack of permanent fixtures means you can move or remove your sign at any time.

Telespar Concrete Sign Base Assembly and Installation

Installing your Telespar Concrete Sign Base is as easy as setting the base in place, dropping your signpost into the post holder, and securing the post with the locking bolt. No drilling required.

Unistrut Midwest and Telespar Concrete Sign Bases

Unistrut Midwest’s Telespar Concrete Sign Base solutions include a galvanized sleeve and post. Posts are available either perforated or solid and in 8-foot or 10-foot lengths. If your application requires a custom solution, we also carry the full line of Telespar Signposts and will find the right fit for you.

Telespar Concrete Sign Base Gallery

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