Cannabis Solutions

In the rapidly expanding cannabis industry, construction projects need to be fast paced in order to get products to market as soon as possible. Unistrut Midwest can not only design solutions, supply product, and provide installation, we can expedite your construction schedule to get your facility operational quickly and efficiently.

Unistrut Midwest designs custom cannabis drying racks for your application, maximizing all available square footage.

As cannabis becomes legalized for both medical and recreational use across the United States, there is a growing need for construction teams who can meet the industry’s unique requirements. Tightly controlled indoor marijuana grow operations place a premium on the utilization of every square foot so as to maximize yield. Unistrut Midwest has helped design solutions that allow our cannabis clients to leverage all available space.

Unistrut Cannabis Storage Solution Benefits

Fast Lead Time

Drying racks are constructed from stock components for faster lead times than other modular solutions or welded structures.

Easy Field Modifications

  All connections are bolted which allows for modifications in the field using only hand tools. No need to bring out an entire team for a simple adjustment.

Quick Installation

Many drying rack components can be pre-fabricated, allowing much of the work to be completed ahead of time so that installation takes just a matter of hours.

Convenient Features

Unistrut trolley systems allow racks to slide along tracks to their storage positions while the plants dry, keeping them out of the way.

Customizable Designs

The fully customizable nature of Unistrut means that your design can maximize all available square footage.

Unistrut Cannabis Project Photo Gallery

Bring your product to market quickly with Unistrut Midwest