Special Materials and Finishes

Unistrut Metal Framing systems are available in a wide range of finishes to fit almost any applications.

Unistrut Finishes

  • For standard indoor or light industrial applications, Perma-Green (GR) or Electro-Galvanized (EG).
  • For OEM, welding, or painting applications, Plain Steel (PL).
  • For outdoor and coastal applications, Unistrut Defender (DF), Stainless Steel (SS), Aluminum (EA), and Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HG).
  • For highly corrosive applications, Fiberglass.

Stainless Steel Unistrut

Unistrut Channels, Fittings, Pipe Clamps, Channel Nuts, and Hardware are all available in Stainless Steel. Ideal for the harshest of environments, stainless steel Unistrut is available in 304 Stainless (SS), 316 Stainless (ST), and 321 Stainless (XS, only P1000 channel). Unistrut Stainless Steel channels adhere to ASTM A 240. The load data for column or beam are the same as the galvanized steel systems.

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Aluminum Unistrut

Select Unistrut Channel profiles and fittings are available in extruded aluminum (EA). Unistrut aluminum finished products are made from Type 6063-T6 aluminum and adhere to ASTM B221. The load data for beam and column are 33% of the published steel values for Unistrut channels. Aluminum Channels are ideal for outdoor applications and solar racking.

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Fiberglass Unistrut

Unistrut Defender

Unistrut Defender is the newest, proprietary corrosion resistant finish by Unistrut. Defender is designed for harsh environments, providing an average service life between Hot-Dipped Galvanized and stainless steel systems. Unistrut Defender is 3 times more corrosion resistant than Hot-Dipped Galvanized products. One unique characteristic of Unistrut Defender is that it contains self-healing properties. If the product is cut or scratched in the field, the finish will propagate into those areas eliminating the need for secondary touch-ups. This gives a sense of confidence that the material will provide lasting defense against corrosion in the field.

Unistrut Defender Salt Spray Test

Why use Unistrut Defender?

  • 3X the performance of Hot-Dip Galvanized
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Low maintenance — eliminating the need to replace parts over time
  • Avoids costly stainless steel hardware
  • Unique self-healing properties
  • Similar pricing to Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel, with a performance close to stainless steel

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