Not only does Unistrut Midwest carry the largest inventory of Unistrut channel and accessories in the United States, our experienced team can also engineer a custom Unistrut solution for nearly any application. Our team’s decades of hands-on Unistrut engineering experience allow us to recommend the right system for your unique operation, no matter the challenge.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to add to an existing support structure, there are a few questions our engineers will need answers to in order to provide you with your ideal Unistrut solution.

  1. What type of equipment will this solution incorporate or support?
  2. What are the dimensions of your warehouse and any permanent fixtures?
  3. What are the load requirements of your system?
  4. What special considerations or requirements should we be aware of?

If your project requires stamped engineered drawings or structural calculations, we offer those services as well for a minimal fee.

Typical Unistrut Midwest engineering projects

Medical Support Engineering

For 50 years, Unistrut Midwest has engineered and installed Unistrut metal framing to support medical equipment like x-ray machinery, surgical and exam lights, and CT injectors and monitors. Learn more here.

Catwalk Engineering

Our engineers can recommend a catwalk solution that will optimize space, promote safety, and reach previously inaccessible spaces. Learn more here.

Ceiling Grid Engineering

We have experience engineering ceiling grids to support electrical and mechanical services, acoustical ceilings, catwalks, decorative panels, cable/fiber trays, theatrical lighting, medical equipment, air tools, and more. Learn more here.

Roofwalk Engineering

With the product lines and expertise to identify the right product and engineered solution for your application, our team can engineer and install full, turn-key solutions for any rooftop walkway, access platform, or crossover stairs. Learn more here.

"Unistrut Midwest offers engineering services for any of our Unistrut installation projects. We have the ability to provide P/E Stamped drawings and calculations on any project in the United States."

Mike Hoff, Chief Revenue Officer

Engineering Photo Gallery

View some of Unistrut Midwest’s favorite engineering projects in the photo gallery below. Contact us for information on any of the projects in the galleries!

Learn More About Our Engineering Services

If you are looking for specific design loads on a channel, fitting, or pipe clamp; please contact us and a Unistrut Representative will be in contact shortly.