Sikla siFramo Solutions

Sikla siFramo is a weldless, configurable, reusable metal framing system that can easily take the place of clunky welded structural steel in your facility. The bolted system allows for quick modifications, endless design flexibility, and minimal installation time. With our team’s expertise, Unistrut Midwest is your one-stop shop for Sikla siFramo structural design, engineering, prefabrication, and installation.

Sikla siFramo 38' long prefabricated multi trade rack

Sikla siFramo’s perforated, box section channels have a high torsional resistance and allow for multidirectional connections from any point. This creates a strong, customizable frame for applications such as:

  • Pipe Racks
  • Multi-Trade Racks (MTR)
  • Riser Racks
  • Vessel/tank skids
  • Housed skid frames
  • Pump Skids
  • Single and multiple equipment skids

Sikla’s impressive speed to market is a game changer for projects with tight turnarounds and short timelines. A Sikla rack can be built 300% faster than a traditional welded steel structure, often in just a few hours as opposed to days or weeks.

  • Sikla parts come standard hot dip galvanized so your team can start building a solution within minutes of receiving finalized designs
  • Sikla’s self-forming screw technology means no welding to form connections and no skilled labor required for assembly
  • Sikla’s stepless connection and reusable screws make installation a smoother, safer process for your team
Sikla siFramo 38' long prefabricated multi trade rack

Sikla siFramo and Unistrut Channel

At Unistrut Midwest, we are proud distributors of both Unistrut and Sikla products. Each line has its own unique advantages, and the two systems work together seamlessly to create the solution you need.

Similarities between Sikla siFramo and Unistrut

  • Modular systems without welded connections
  • Modifications can be made on-site using only hand tools
  • Components can be prefabricated, reducing on-site installation time and effort

Differences between Sikla siFramo and Unistrut

  • Sikla siFramo allows for multidirectional connection from the same point
  • Sikla siFramo has a higher torsional resistance and lower weight than Unistrut or welded beams
  • Sikla siFramo uses only screws (no washers or nuts) to form a secure connection

Bringing Sikla siFramo and Unistrut together

  • Sikla siFramo has an adaptor specifically designed for 1-⅝” strut, allowing for easy connection between Sikla and Unistrut
  • Sikla’s channel adaptor creates a stiff and solid connection between siFramo and Unistrut channel, using automatically locking spring nuts and requiring no additional hardware
  • Combining Unistrut and Sikla siFramo is ideal for pipe support applications due to Sikla’s box section design and ability to handle lateral forces caused by the expansion and contraction of a pipe

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