Mechanical Rooftop Support Systems

Installing mechanical and electrical equipment to the roof of commercial buildings is a smart solution for maximizing indoor building space, but it comes with some specific challenges. The Unistrut Midwest team is familiar with the demands of mechanical rooftop support systems and is ready to partner with you to bring you the application you need.

Unipier rooftop supports are ideal for Unistrut crossovers, allowing easy access over pipes and conduit.

All mechanical rooftop supports should be constructed using materials that can sustain relevant environmental conditions, from harsh weather, heat, or cold, to extensive moisture or corrosive environments. Supports should also provide a stable base than can adequately distribute the equipment load on the roof membrane or structure.

Unistrut is an ideal product for rooftop piping, duct work, and mechanical equipment supports. With a wide range of rooftop products, Unistrut channel profiles, and weather-resistant finishes, Unistrut has the solution to any rooftop challenge. And with Unistrut’s inherent ability to be assembled ahead of time off-site, prefabricated rooftop walkways can be delivered and easily installed on-site.

Unistrut Midwest Rooftop Support Applications

  • Rooftop Duct Supports
  • Rooftop Piping Supports
  • Rooftop Conduit/Gas Supports
  • Rooftop Cable Tray Supports
  • Rooftop Mechanical Equipment Supports
  • Rooftop Solar Supports
  • Rooftop Crossover Walkways
  • Rooftop Walkway Ramps
  • Rooftop Roofwalk Systems
  • Guardrail/Handrail
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Prefabricated Rooftop Walkways

Unistrut Midwest Rooftop Support Product Lines


The Cush-A-Block system provides economical support for gas piping system, electrical conduit, HVAC equipment, and more. UV resistant and suitable for installation on most types of roofing material or other flat surfaces, Cush-A-Block can also be used as a curb (sleeper) replacement.

The advantages of Cush-A-Block:

  • Embedded fasteners for 75% faster strut attachment
  • Encapsulated fasteners for no rust on the roof
  • Built-in easy-grip handles
  • Molded-in Visibility Straps
  • Water flow-through channel to prevent ice dams and mold
  • 100% Recycled Rubber
  • Qualifies for LEED Credits
  • Easy to Change Strut Without Moving or Lifting Block
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Compatible with most rooftop materials

Roofclamp™ Standing Seam Clamps

Roofclamp™ Standing Seam Roofclamps are a high-quality clamp that can be used to connect Unistrut to standing seam ribs up to 1.5″ wide. Utilizing a stainless steel, oval-tipped screw that does not pierce or penetrate the panel, using the aluminum Roofclamp™ will not void your manufacturer’s warranty. Roofclamp™ products are fast and easy to install and will last the life of your roof.

Roofclamp™ RCT is the heavy duty version of the roofclamp standing seam blocks and is often used to connect Unistrut Roofwalk systems to a standing seam roof.

  • Can fit “T” seams up to 1.5″ wide
  • Interior dimensions measure 1″W x 1 3/8″H with .5″H x 1.5″W seam channel
  • Three 1 1/4” X 3/8” cupped nose set screws
  • Cupped nose set screws form button lock
  • One 3/8” threaded mounting hole on top


Unipier Rooftop Supports

The new Unipier Rooftop Support System offers a full line of supports for conduit, gas, and mechanical piping, HVAC Ducts, equipment supports, walkways and more.

Unistrut Midwest offers the following Unipier Rooftop products and solutions:

  • Duct and Cable Tray Supports
  • Water and Steam Line Supports
  • Conduit Supports
  • RSS4 Sleeper Supports
  • Unipier Walkways and Roofwalks
  • Custom Unipier Fabrication

Mechanical Rooftop Support Photo Gallery

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